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All the couples who have gone through the process of dividing their wedding guests by table know that no matter how simple this task may seem, it's one of the things that gives us the biggest headache. Today, I'll tell you about 3 common mistakes and how to easily avoid them:

  1. Starting the seating arrangement too soon. I recommend making your wedding guest list once you have the final confirmation from all your guests (preferably 4-6 weeks before your wedding). As organized brides, sometimes we want to get ahead of this task and start arranging guests by table as soon as we make the original list to send out the invitations. We envision this perfect distribution in our minds, and then suddenly... someone cancels 😭... and we have to start all over from scratch.

  2. Underestimating the table capacity. We usually assume that tables can accommodate 10 people... but this depends on the shape, decor, and size of the table. Examples: If you want to place chargers on the table, you'll probably only fit 8 people. If you opt for square tables, usually only 8 people fit instead of 10. If the venue provides round tables, you should ask how big they are because they may be smaller than the standard size. Consulting in advance with your decorator and venue will help you avoid last-minute surprises.

  3. Neglecting to create seating signs or escort cards. Sometimes, we focus so much on perfecting the guest list that we forget we need to share it (at least 2 weeks before the event) with a professional who can create a sign or cards indicating where our guests will be seated. To ensure that everything flows as smoothly as possible on the big day, it's ideal for your guests to be able to refer to a sign or cards to see where they are seated. This way, once they enter the reception hall, they can quickly find their tables.

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